"to reach the Counsellor's minds, you have to break their hearts!"

Das Team der Language Farm besteht aus einer Vielzahl an MitarbeiterInnen mit verschiedener Herkunft und pädagogischen Hintergründen. Neben einer deutschsprachigen bzw. Deutsch sprechenden Campleitung sind alle weiteren BetreuerInnen englische Muttersprachler bzw. haben mehrere Jahre im englischsprachigen Ausland gelebt. Wir legen großen Wert auf ein vielseitiges Team und beschäftigen Menschen aus allen Teilen dieser Erde mit unzähligen Talenten und Interessen. Wir sind ein besonders kreatives, musisches, naturbezogenes und sportliches Team.

Besonders wichtig ist uns ein nachhaltiges, umweltbewusstes und gesundes Denken und Handeln, was wir täglich an alle junge Menschen weiter geben möchten.

Meet our team...


Leo (Matata)

Born in Tanzania, Africa, Leo was previously a guide for Mount Kilimanjaro and Safaris through the National Parks of Tanzania such as the Serengeti. His colourful personality is matched by his clothes and laughter.

Hakuna Matata!! One love!



Eddie is from Melbourne, Australia where he was a social worker and played in a rock band.

He came to the farm because he loves hanging out in tipis whilst wearing a monkey hat and singing "Ace of Spades" - Motörhead with Kids.

He loves the farm and you'll always find him in a chipper mood.



Max was born and raised in Middle England in a small market town called Rugby (birthplace of the sport!).

Despite being a fan of the England national football team he has yet to give up on life, and instead finds solace in his other great passion: Music. A huge fan of rock and roll, Max occasionally gigs in Berlin and often runs a song writing masterclass here at the farm. He says "they are both as nerve-wracking as each other".

2016 will be Max's 6th season with the language farm and he swears he's loved every minute.



Megan was born and raised in sunny Southern California before moving to Northern California for university, where she then moved to her favourite US city, San Francisco.

Megan loves sunshine, frolicking around Berlin, playing sports, and traveling and experiencing new cultures. Although Megan is a very competitive person, she tries to contain the urge to win, but it often comes out on the baseball field, cricket field, or any other game being played on the farm.

When the sun is shining you'll often find Megan playing outside with some kind of ball, or getting lost running through the forest. 

erin polaroid


Erin is from a town of 5,000 people in Australia. She likes rock climbing, yoga and dressing up as a mermaid. Her favourite colours are green and black. The best parts about camp for her are the tipi and the magical forest. Be careful of her in the mornings, she might breathe fire on you. She is a dragon until after breakfast!



Paul is from the USA. Buffalo, New York, to be exact - the city where they invented chicken wings and not far from Niagara Falls, the famous place where all the water tumbles off the big cliff. He went to college at the University of Miami, where he lived on the beach and swam with sharks every morning. In his free time, Paul enjoys riding his bike around the world, surprising his best friends with annoying saxophone songs and making banana pancakes. He started working at the Language Farm because he is a pretty good English speaker, and after 4 years he still works there because he thinks it’s totally awesome.

reg polaroid 2


Reggie is an American citizen, from Guatemalan decent that was born in the booming city of Chicago in year of 1981. She has lived in Berlin Germany for the last 8 years. And when not at the Language Farm enjoys spending her time working in the various markets scattered around Berlin and cooking, which is what brings her the greatest joy. She especially loves teaching children to cook. And is often told she is still a kid at heart. Regina can be found getting into most of the activities at the farm as enthusiastically as the children that come every summer. Especially when it involves dancing and acting. Regina has been with the Language Farm for going on five years and finds this line of work challenging and enriching. She hopes to always feel this way when having to spend so much time and energy into a job.



Lisa is a visual artist from Melbourne, Australia. She first came to the farm in 2013 and was lucky enough to meet with the local fortune tellers in the woods. This was a life affirming encounter and she was told that she must keep coming back to farm at least 5 times a year to help consume the weekly roasts and maintain order in the universe.



David is a half Cypriot, half English city boy proud to have been born and raised in one of the must culturally diverse areas of one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world: The East End of London. He's not very good at dealing with spiders or ticks, but with a football at his feet, or a cricket bat in his hand, he's a demon. when he's not at the farm David is a playwright and theatre maker based in Berlin. When he is at the farm, you might find him staring at a horse, or hugging a tree: spending so much time in the countryside is still very new to David, but he's loving every minute of it.



A Hungarian-American born in Orange County, California. He is a creative artist and designer who loves collaboration with children in nature. His projects, among many other counselors in the team, help make the forest at the farm look like an art and sculpture gallery! His favorite color is green. His favorite super hero is Quail-man from the popular American cartoon, Doug. If he could change the world he would open up creative farm camps for kids and adults all over the world and drink lots of homemade smoothies. He isn't sure how drinking smoothies would save the world but as a comical addition to this text it is acceptable to say.



Jesse has descended upon the Language Farm from the 14th floor of a New York City apartment, armed with his arsenal of puns and love of the outdoors, ready and excited for each incoming group of kids.  When not working at the farm he spends his time traveling Europe and beyond.  When working you can find him inching towards the forest and away from the clattering of pans in the kitchen.



Brea is a travel loving, guitar playing, book reading, mountain climbing, theatre making, water skiing Aussie who loves nothing more than a great song, a beautiful sunset and an aeroplane ticket to another country. Brea is new to the Language Farm this year...and she is excited! 

From the farms of remote Australia, to the Language Farm of beautiful Germany, Brea can't wait to sing songs around the campfire, go hiking, cook amazing food and meet the legendary kids that come along! 



Raised in the land of cheese and cider, Rosie is a true Somerset lady who tries to arrange her life around her favourite things: singing, eating and travelling. She loves life at the Language Farm and travels to Germany each year specially. The greatest bits for her are the misty forest mornings, firefly fairies at night, hollering on the cricket ground, the feasts, swapping secrets with witches in the forest and leading Beatles songs around the campfire.

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